bholreya…the inspiration

Bholreya is a word having no meaning indeed. The word was coined coincidently by my friend Umar Khan who hails from KP during our unforgettable stay at NIBAF Islamabad. The original word-phrase is ‘bholree ja’ which literally means ‘of/from monkey’. No, this phrase has no connection with Darwin’s stupid theory of Evolution, but its kind of slang which can figuratively mean ‘son of monkey’ :-). bholri

Umar is very much eager to learn Sindhi language, especially when it comes to discovering a few good & ethical words. No, I’m not kidding, not really :D. He is so sharp at learning new language that it’s only once he hears a word and crams it for lifetime. Wish him best of luck in learning and collecting all the healthy words & phrases of different languages around the world.


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