Last night I received a sms saying, “have you seen real suckers? No? watch ‘em on Ten Sports, they are batting.” Yes, it was about Pakistan cricket team’s performance against South Africa in their 2nd 20/20 match, Pakistan having already lost the 1st one. After reading the message I wondered why do we always crybaby when our team gives as-usual-feeble performance, perhaps because we love Cricket, or perhaps we hate players, or perhaps both. I remember as far back as I can that our team’s performance has never been a constantly-winning. It’s been all the same all the time, the losing-badly-team, the unpredictables.



I like the game, and it feels good to see our team winning against India, Australia, SA, SL and NZ. But honestly I don’t call ‘em m*****f******a**h**** whenever they lose, ‘cos this neither does me good, nor the very funny cricketers of my beloved country. The reason behind some peoples getting so angry over the players is that they expect each player to be good at all three dimensions of the game; batting, bowling and fielding. They want the batsmen to score a thousand runs, bowlers to bowl such a flashy way that the batsmen don’t know where it came from, and the fielders should dive ‘n’ die for the ball to save every run.

The Glory................. The Shame

We are an unnecessarily cricket-crazy nation, there are many more bad things to be crazy about in fact. Most of us are so obsessed with the game that we praise the cricketers to the moon if they are winning and haul them over the coals if they lose. But thank God we ain’t as bloody-crazy as our neigbhourers are. We don’t ransack losers’ houses at least. Despite being a li’l glib bud, I am mostly bowled-over when my friends bring up cricket during a conversation, and it becomes tongue-in-cheek when they sound very seasoned observant and forward their analysis as how one player should have hit a six which ultimately got caught, and how a bowler should have bowled Yorker instead of a full-toss.


None of us dhaba-sitting commentators have ever had a chance to play with original ball & bat in original ground in our own city, leave alone domestic, and further leave all alone international cricket. We become the chief justices of cricket and make our judgments over poor fielding, very poor batting, not so good bowling, and the very fallen-out character of some players. That happens every single time! But I appreciate how people remember so much about the game, like who won what when, who hit how much, and who got who out.



2 thoughts on “Kirkit

  1. Danish says:

    Great comments
    but what do you say about the people in developed countries who love soccer outrageaously
    about the people of US who are real follwers of Base ball

    my view point is that this is the only game left in our country out of which we can get something so people put their inner feelings on the table while commenting on shameful performances as it was yesterday, coz people can expect only from our cricket team in the current scenario of our sports :))

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