fighting within

Abida Parveen is always a source of relief to listen to. Last night I was listening to her song Assan Ishq Namazan versed by Bulleh Shah and wondered how truly it depicts the mindset of us human beings who aren’t prepared to look within ourselves, find faults with ourselves and cleaning our own windows before judging/criticising others.

Parh parh ilm hazaar kitaaban
kadi apne aap nu parhya nahin
Jaa jaa wardey mandar maseeti
kadi mann apne wich wareya nahin
Anven larda shaitaan de naal bandeya
kadi nafs apne naal larya nahin
Aakhe peer Bulleh Shah aasmani pharna aen
jehra man wich wasda unhoN pharya nahin


you have learnt so much
and read a thousand books.
have you ever read your Self?
you have gone to mosque and temple.
have you ever visited your soul?
you are busy fighting Satan.
have you ever fought your
ill intentions?
you have reached into the skies,
but you have failed to reach
what’s in your heart!


One thought on “fighting within

  1. Khursheed says:

    We always perceive but never think of acting on it, but nevertheles one day will Inshallah.

    Gud thought bud fox, keep posting……

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