The moment of truth

Standing for Right

Standing for Truth

I follow English print media, and sometimes I watch Urdu TV. Since the day Salman Taseer was murdered I have been reading and watching the debates about his killing. English media have totally been blunt in calling Mumtaz Qadri [website has been created in ghazi sahab’s honour….now i can’t be serious] the murderer, whereas Urdu media, fearing the wrath of thekedars of religion, have been very careful in condemning the murder, with the exception of very few kaalamkar who dared to speak against the rubout. To me the English mediamen are doing no better job than the Urdu ones who haven’t condemned the assassination. There are merely 12% Pakistanis who speak/understand English, and most of them already hold liberal views about religion. So what is being said in English dailies, their websites and blogs is only reaching the lot already following their point of view. Useless.

Yo Jigga

All the liberal journalists/columnists/bloggers should also use Urdu media to talk as honestly against the fanatics as they speak via English media. This way they will be delivering the message to majority of the masses which can contribute in helping the people get out of obscurantism. I just wonder why not these rational bloggers come up with a little Urdu print to say what they are saying in English! Dawn Newspaper should now come up with its Urdu daily as well.


One thought on “The moment of truth

  1. Meru says:

    Media can play a constructive role in developing sound public opinion against religious extremists… I wish a safe and secure nation for you in years to come…

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