There is too much of it…

The cricket trio was bashed and smashed for putting the country to shame. They must be clung upside down at liberty chowk and be bashed and bumped, as suggested by my friend Ryan. Yes, they must be indeed. Abhi zakhm bhare hi thay [the wounds were merely healed…loose translation] that Kamran Akmal caused another shame to the country in match against NZ. He too be banged on liberty chowk, live. In fact, I’m of the opinion that everyone bringing shame to the country by means of corruption [of any kind] be bonked, bopped, whapped and whopped.

There is too much hypocrisy here, more than we can imagine. We waste no time in calling for accountability [punishment, to be specific] when we hear about any kind of misuse of power and responsibility by a politician and/or sports celebrity, perhaps because none of them happens to be our family member or friend or close relative. I ask, why don’t we ever put ourselves, our family members, friends and relative to accountability when we know exactly that they are involved in corruption, misuse of power, and any crime we can think of? Why don’t we ever ask the same people where do such large amount of bucks come from when their monthly remuneration plus perks aren’t that good? We don’t, ’cause we accept it as inevitable part of any job here. BUT, but but, we hate to the skies everyone else for doing such acts.

We forgive and forget whatever wrongs we do here in our own homes, but leave no page unturned if the same wrongs are done by some politicians and sportsmen on the pretext that they are representing the whole nation. Here I may beg to ask do we not, individually, represent our country? Yes we do, and that’ the reason Transparency International has been including our homeland in its list of elite corrupt nations on earth.

Like charity, Revolution should also begin at home. Let’s put ourselves to la reddition de comptes and there it will be.


One thought on “There is too much of it…

  1. Inaam says:

    Well said Shahani…… Even if someone of us dare to question his friends/relatives regarding accountability, all what he receives is ’emotional blackmailing’, people will instantly try to change the topic by luring him to his responsibilities towards the relationship thus endangering the realtionship itself……
    & if u havn’t encountered such a situation, try asking a friend, for instance, why would he prefer to cheat in an exam instead of preparing for it before hand (irrespective of the significance and circumstances). Some of my friends are planning to do the same in near future and the reason…..the institute/certification is not worth it….clearly doesn’t suffice.
    If people of our calibre exhibit such low levels of accountability, then I am afraid our treatment of politicians/sportsmen is clearly understandable!

    P.S. Like charity, Revolution should also begin at home – and by home I understand ‘every little act of ours’

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