Every time we friends sit together, its almost never that we talk about the professions we are in. We hardly appreciate the field we chose as career wherein we presently are. Most of the talks revolve around politics, sports, music, movies and television. We talk about politics, analyze the current affairs and even come up with solutions as to what policies government should have adopted or should take on under certain circumstance. We talk sports and give our expert opinion as to who should have been included in the team in a particular match against a particular team, how should the last man standing have handled that particular situation to win the match. Then we appreciate some good music like we have had some sort of music education and we seem to know about the crux of symphonies and scores and tunes. Ultimately it transpires that had we been allowed to follow the career of our choice, I think majority wouldn’t have been where we are.


We belong to the world where we are involved in some kind of fast-paced full-throttle rat race. We are taught to take the road most travelled by, jump into bandwagon and earn huge money with least possible efforts and die rich leaving a few acres of empire at least. No risk. We are taught to live to survive. We don’t choose the kind of life we want, our parents do this, because, sadly, they happen to be the part of some social system where they can’t just afford to let their kids decide for themselves the life they want to live out of fear that kids might finish up with some big problems. We have not yet realized that by not following the careers of our choice not only we impair ourselves, but society at large is affected by our decision about our line of businesses. Because when we drop in not-our-cup-of-tea–profession we end up being less productive and less efficient which automatically translates into lesser good for the system at large.

By the way, is it always too late to change career?


2 thoughts on “Hmmmm…

  1. patrick mulengwa says:

    I appreciate your writing. And by the way it is never too late, I believe that if you want it so bad then you can get it. Somebody once said if you put the smallest spark where there are inflammables, there is going to be an explosion. I personally changed careers from a RT to a nurse.

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