Three Zero

Technically, I may be half past dead today as suggested by life expectancy rate of Pakistan, but I believe 30 is just a number. When I look back I come to realize that my life has not been different from others, the basic ingredients are the same. The amount of the ingredients and the way they are mixed up makes everyone’s life appear a little different from others. This blog, this day and this life of mine are dedicated to all the people without whose support, encouragement and prayers I may have been nothing.



I was 4 when my father left this world for good. He was just 29. I don’t remember him well, but there were few moments very well engraved in my mind. Those moments have been with me through all the times and have been a source of inspiration. I grew up listening how much papa loved me and how anxiously he wanted to see me grow. He was tall and very handsome, everyone loved him. I remember to have come across a friend of him in 2006 at my workplace. When he got to know about me, he couldn’t resist his tears and told me that I perhaps did not know how a great person’s son I was. He shared some moments he spent with my father. He kissed me and said he was sorry. Love you baba. RIP.

Papa and Me


Like every mother on earth, she is the best mother. After our father, she took care of me and my elder brother and left no stone unturned in bringing us up in every good way possible. She would always prohibit us in strongest terms from engaging in any misadventures, she even beat us sometimes to make our tail straight. Whatever she did was in the best interest of ours. She still is as amazing, loving and caring as she used to be when I was kid. Words are sure to fall short if I continue writing about her, she is just amazing. Love you Jeejal Amar [Loving Mother].


In 2009 he left us forever. He was 88. After my father, he was the one who took best care of us and gave us everything we wanted. He had very high hopes in me, he encouraged me to seek the best education I could. I remember him taking me to a bookshop to buy me new books at the start of every academic year, which I always cherished. He took pride in me whenever any teacher of mine praised me, his face would always shine to hear that I was doing good in studies. He only had Sindhi education, so he would always ask me curiously where I would land by following such and such course of education. I very well remember when he bought me a dictionary in July 1999, and asked me when I would finish reading it. Love you. RIP.

Grandfather with Great-Grandson

Chacha [Uncle]

My father’s younger and only brother. He has been very supportive to me through all the years since my childhood. He adored me a lot and I was so close to him that I would cry and tell him what I needed. He would take me to school/college on his motorcycle and give me pocket money for the day. On every Eid he would do me shopping. Today even he is as caring as he has always been.

Chacha Aijaz Ali


We were engaged to each other in 1985, and being obedient to the customs of our part of the world, we didn’t talk to each other till we got married in 2001. This may sound strange, but I call it the beauty of the relationship we had. Sometimes we came face to face, we looked at each other but couldn’t say a word. I still cherish and laugh at those moments. She has been the best part of me since our engagement. She gave my life new meaning, in fact new direction. Thank you for being with me through all the years.


I can’t explain the feeling I had when I was told that I had become father of a son at the age of 21. It was yet again a beginning of new chapter in my life. With my first son’s birth I came to realize one fact of life that when we have kids we stop living for ourselves, they become the center of our life and the only thing we care about most. Inam [Azaan], Moazzan, Zohair and Jahangeer have made my life more fun. They are the source of inspiration for me. They are the beauty of life. Their hugs, kisses, little fights, complaints against each other, whining about toys and books, copies, pens, pencils are priceless acts. Life just got better with kids, even though they added some responsibilities over me. Big Hugs n Kisses for you sweethearts.

The Sweethearts


Though all the teachers from class I to Graduation have had contribution in whatever I am today, but two teachers I shall always remember are, Respectable Mr. Ghulam Shabeer Murree Baloch and Respectable Mr. Sikandar Ali Jamarani. The former was my teacher in class III, and the latter was in class VI. Sir Mr. Baloch taught me English alphabet and pronouncing the basic words in class III at primary school of our village. He in fact wanted to prepare me beforehand for moving into high school, i.e. class VI. He instilled in me the liking for English language. Sir Mr. Jamarani played a vital role in increasing my bigness at English. He was the strictest teacher at school, during the times of examinations he would make his entire class sit late for few hours during which he would try to rewind the entire course he taught throughout the year. He was famous for making his students excel in vocabulary by holding inter-class and intra-class competitions. It was kind of learning with fun. I owe both the teachers a lot. May Allah bless them.


How can one’s life be complete without some stupid friends? All the people above have played, and some are still playing their individual roles in my life. But friends are the only species who play all the roles. Sometimes they taunt us like parents, guide us like teachers and at times just whine like kids. They are just another part of us, we share lots and lots of things with them that we cant even share with our parents, siblings and teachers. In fact they are just us. Love you all jiggars.

This blog also goes to people whom I have missed but they might have had some contribution in where I stand today.

 Thank you all. 


2 thoughts on “Three Zero

  1. Khursheed Ahmed says:

    You know what Azhar, u got a great and caring soul, love you man the way you are……

    Keep rocking Jiggar

  2. Rays! says:

    the lives and times of most of us in this part of the world are more or less same, save few changes here and there. Loved your story. God bless you. love and be loved. you’re awesome.

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