Splashdash Phishh

For the last few days I have been wondering what to write about. Few things came to my mind, but could not collect all I had to write about each one of them in a single blog. So I’m gonna write about ‘em all.

It’s good to feel good about ourselves, but it’s dangerous to be obsessed with ourselves. When we are obsessed with ourselves, we just fail to see things beyond ourselves and start looking down upon others as sick creatures, resultantly we do not win lots of relationships. Self-obsessed people believe that whatever they eat, drink, wear, see, listen, bark are just perfect examples of perfect life and it’s just them living the life, while others are just phishing around uselessly. Naturally, everyone is a different story and everyone’s got his own physics of making fun. Some people roam around different places [sea, mountains, even graveyards], while others just chill inside dimly-lit rooms [cafes, restaurants] Whatsuppppppp :). But few craps don’t understand and become more brittle in moving along with life.

* * * * * * *

Superhittness of the movies like Singham, a.k.a Shireenigham by my friend Rehan Masood, and Robot confirms to a lot of thick-sickness around. Every Bollywood movie has an easily-guessable story today, and every other movie is a remake of a Hollywood flick. I hate to see over-acted semi-emotionalized, sentiMENTAL and illogically-actionized movies starring the so-called superstars [Karukh Shan, Rishik Kotan etc] with all the shitty ingredients of a plop talkie one can imagine. I feel pity for those who take some time out of their life and watch them, and more pity for those who take all the trouble of going to cinemas, haaahhhh! God bless them! It’s not that I hate Bollywood for every child she bears, I enjoy good movies like Ishqiya and the likes though.

* * * * * * *

People are crazy about one thing or the other. Some like to eat all the fantummy food the world can offer. Whenever it comes to some kind of treat, all they can think of is food. Some are wild about to watching movies whenever and wherever possible. They just keep track of all the new releases and jump onto viewing every flopbuster. Then there are some humans who are swept off their feet on shopping. They enjoy roaming around shopping malls every other day, dollar in dollar out. How can I forget to mention netticted ones who remain wired 24/7 on Facebook and Twitter to ensure not to leave a single status/comment untouched. There is one good-to-nobody breed who are either crazy about studies or work or even both. No living soul likes them. Me? I like to do almost all these things, but ain’t crazy about nothing.

* * * * * * *

A couple of 3-years back I wondered why some things hadn’t been happening the way I wanted, there were times I even thought they were never going to happen to me. Then one day one of the things happened, then another and then another. I came to realize and believe that God has His own strange ways of doing things, and that there is always a right time for everything to happen. Though some things seem to have happened too early or too late, but it is only with the passage of time we realize that whatever happened/happens, it was/is for good. Still there are some unsettled scores, but I am sure they’re gonna happen, sooner or later.



2 thoughts on “Splashdash Phishh

  1. Faraz says:

    Awesome piece on self obsession a.k.a narcissism. It reminds me of people who live in mental cages and whole of their life they never get out of it. but one should not get nettled by the b***sh*t these psuedo-psychos throw at others. stay calm and stay happy.
    Cheers. 😀

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