On writing

I always find it difficult to write about anything, and the reason simply is that I have not been an avid reader. I have been interested in reading, but have never been successful to collect the stamina to sit and read for few hours regularly. In fact I find it hard to move farther than two pages. I used to be regular reader of Dawn Young World (a mag for the teens) back in school days, I was regular perhaps because it came out weekly. I would go through many a review of books and resolve to buy and read them, but this never came to fruits.

Till today I read book reviews and intend to buy the books I find worth reading, but to no avail. Since most of the time of the day is spent with computer now, I have downloaded pdf version of a few books as well, but who reads on computer while there is so much entertainment in it. It has only been essays, articles and reviews that I find easy to read and get an idea of what a particular thing is all about. And I am not going to make a resolution either that from now onwards I shall be reading, reading I shall be. But, gotta give it a thought somehow!


2 thoughts on “On writing

  1. Khursheed says:

    Mike !
    You are not only affected with this disease but most of the computer users these days, since the computer has been widely spread it has killed the reading habit on some degree level. Fact is even when we google any query and find some answers which even don’t like to read the reviews, we quickly want to get the exact info, but sometimes those reviews are very useful what we are looking. Keep reading as much as u can.

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