A specious comparison

Disclaimer: No offence intended. I like Imran Khan as one of the greatest cricketers and respect him for his philanthropic work such as Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. But PTI is a different story; its young fans are quite another.


These days a status is viral on Facebook by the very young PTI fans where co-incidental similarities based upon lies are made between Imran Khan and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The status is

1. Got his Education from England
2. Was included in University’s Hall of Fame
3. Suffered severely in starting of his career
4. Married a non muslim lady , marriage failed, wife went to london
5. Children custody to mother as per judge’s decision
6. Failure in start of his political career
7. Won only 1 seat after a decade of struggle
8. His party won hearts of people after Jalsa at Lahore
9. All parties stood against his party

You think it’s Imran Khan’s story?

NO, it’s Quaid-e-Azam’s story.

History is repeating itself. . . think again ! VOTE WISELY!



Now The Truth:

1. Jinnah received primary and higher education in Karachi and for some period of time in Bombay. Jinnah never attended Oxford or Cambridge or any other University in England, he only completed his legal education there at Lincoln’s Inn.

2. Since Jinnah didn’t attend any university, what the Hall of Fame then?

3. Not really. At 19, Jinnah became the Youngest Indian to have been called at Bar in England.

4. Jinnah didn’t marry a non-muslim, Rutti converted to Islam three days before marriage and became Maryam. Though the relationship didn’t last long, however there was no divorce. After separation Maryam fell ill and was taken to England and then to Paris for treatment. Her health improved and she returned to Bombay. Jinnah visited her in Paris.

5. Since there was no divorce, there was no question of Dina’s custody to be decided by the court.

6. This is really a harsh claim. Jinnah joined Indian National Congress in 1906 and All India Muslim League in 1913. In the beginning Jinnah followed Sir Pheroze Shah Mehta and observed the course of events in British India. Jinnah was instrumental in the passing of the Child Marriages Restraint Act, the legitimization of the Muslim waqf (religious endowments) and was appointed to the Sandhurst committee, which helped establish the Indian Military Academy in Dehra Dun.

7. In 1910, just after 4 years of joining the Congress, Jinnah was elected to the Imperial Legislative Council, and he was not the leader of the party.

8. To suggest that Jinnah only succeeded in winning the hearts of the masses only after the Lahore jalsa in 1940 is devastating. In 1916 he became the President of AIML and was called the Ambassador of the Hindu-Muslim Unity after Lucknow Pact. Lahore Resolution was the consummation of the decades-long struggle for freedom from the British rule.

9. Which parties? Besides AIML, there was just one other party, The Congress.

What really nettles me is how so blindly people just praise each others’ status’ and share without even confirming the facts and figures. When I shared above facts on such status of few of my friends [PTI fans off course], instead of accepting the truth, they just deleted my comment and declined to discuss a word more. I was left numb for the moment and wondered how could the ‘agents of change’ who so proudly claim to be patriots and revolutionaries get offended by nothing but the truth, how could they believe everything they hear,  read and see is true?

Another friend said that since Zardari and Nawaz and other politicians have been time-tested, therefore IK is the only option left therefore he should be given a chance. I wondered that just to test a person, we are ready to hand over our country to him, despite the fact that his party is backed by the establishment and its proxies [religious parties] who have long done collateral damage to the country. Now it’s become an established fact that calling oneself a PTI/IK fan is a trend that every youngster should follow without even delving into the abcs’ of political history of Pakistan. This is just a sorry state where the youth believe more in conspiracy theories than realities.

Sources: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Ali_Jinnah



18 thoughts on “A specious comparison

  1. Pakistani says:

    Shame on you. Post a similar research on the Zardari and Nawaz sharif and then make a comparison and you will get the answer to this post.

  2. Khursheed Ahmed says:

    This is the dilemma where we have to improve, we shouldn’t believe what they want us to see and hear, but we should evaluate at our own in connection with history and ground reality.

    Great work dude 🙂

  3. fatima says:

    Here , all the points are absolutely right and to the point . At first I was too (being a student and teen) so obsessed with IK , I was a big fan ..
    but one day one of my sir asked me to prepare a ‘presentation’ against IK ….I was shocked as He was like the ideal of the whole class n me 2
    but well,…I did some research the whole night … talked to the related people who cud help ..and came through ”the other SIDE of the picture”..and today I am 100% sure that HE for-sure is not the one …..that should be ruling OUR country !!!!

    • Umer Ijaz says:

      Then you should come to rule or let him rule. Because we all are not pure and sinless so better to be quiet and not to point out anyone if he/she is wiling to do anything good.

      • fatima says:

        yeah ! ”so better to be quiet ” and watch helplessly the downfall of our country !! but this time the difference would be this , that the leader would be our FAVORITE ,so in the end it would be fair to blame ourselves as we voted for HIM …. right !!

  4. Azhar Ali says:

    Well said Fatima.

    @Umer yar just don’t get emotional and spend some time reading political history of Pakistan and the affiliation of PTI with other factions.

  5. Bilal Shafqat says:

    Well written analysis!!!!
    But we (Pakistani nation) are a bit unfair and unrealistic. We expect from our politicans, either PTI, PPP or PMLN, that they will bring change. On the other hand we are not ready to change ourselves. And we proudly blame politicians and establishment for the downfall, on the contrary everyone is responsible.

  6. Golfer Khan says:

    Dear All,

    I think its a good healthy debate and the silver lining for me is that our youth is taking interest in politics and debating, not just accepting anything blindly..

    The easiest things in the world are to criticize, point fingers and list problems… the most difficult is to be part of the solution and do something practical.

    Azhar has factually refuted the propaganda that some PTI guys may be spreading, but tell me how does this help solve our problem. With your great ability to analyze, it would be great if Azhar can give some solution to a real problem… i.e. the crisis of leadership in Pakistan.

    Imran may have his own issues, no one is perfect in this world except the Prophets of God. Show me someone in a position who can be the next PM and who is better than IK.


    • Azhar Ali says:

      Thank you for commenting Golfer.

      You have put it right that it is far easier to criticize than be the part of the solution. I must clarify that this article wasn’t aimed at criticizing Imran Khan, if you re-read plz. My point was that PTI fans were sharing such fake information so proudly without confirming the facts. IK is a good person, I like him as a great cricketer and a philanthropist.

      But, PTI is a different story. It is no more a hidden fact that establishment is behind PTI and I hope that you very well understand what establishment is and how it has been derailing democratic governments since independence.

      I am not a political analyst though, but being an ordinary citizen of Pakistan I have a right to present my views. The problems Pakistan is facing cannot, ofcourse, be resolved within a few years. I believe if democratically elected governments be allowed to rule without intervention of establishment, then many a problems can be resovled. IK may be a good leader but only if he stops backing establishment.

  7. Golfer Khan says:

    Dear Azhar,

    Lets recognize some practical ground realities. Every single ‘democratic’ leader in Pakistan post Liaquat Ali Khan came to power on the shoulders of establishment… whether it was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto or Junejo or Nawaz Sharif. Even late Benazir had to compromise with Gen Musharaf to come back.

    We can continue to live in the Utopia of no interference from establishment, but then it will be just that….. a UTOPIA. And in the real world, establishment will continue to put people like Zardaris and Gilanis in power who will make things worse.

    I would rather have someone like IK coming to power albeit through the establishment and give some relief to the masses rather than keep dreaming of someone who will come on his/her own.

    We have a fantastic example of Turkey in front of us. Army was in complete control up until 15 years ago. The Justice and Development Party (AKP) came into power in 2002, with a compromise with the Army. But over the last 10 year, they strengthened themselves by focusing on economy, people, education, business etc and they made themselves extremely strong with people…. and in that time, put the Army in its rightful place!

    May be, IK can do the same. I dont believe any of the other so called leaders will do it…. they didnt when they had their chance.


    • Azhar Ali says:

      The dynamics of Turkey are very different from ours, and one country’s success model may not necessarily work in another. I personally don’t like him being sympathetic to religious conservatives and his party men participating in DPC.

      However, if people vote for IK then he should sure lead the nation and I wish he would also rule for 5 years at least.

  8. Golfer Khan says:

    Dear Azhar,

    My question remains…. you havent answered it. Who would you rather choose. Staying away is not really a solution.

    The educated elite is stayed away for too long and thats one of hte reason why we are in such a sorry state.

    Whether we participate or not in the elections, someone WILL run the next government. And amongst all the available options right now, IK stands tall. I would have IK run it rather than anyone else…Unless you have another option.


    • Azhar Ali says:

      I would rather vote for PPP than any party which has sympathies with terrorists.

      By the way, I wonder why you are not disclosing your real name! 🙂

  9. Golfer Khan says:

    OK… and you think that PPP has no sympathy for so called terrorists. When it suits them, they sit with Maulanas who are known to be associated with so called terrorists!. Its pure hycporisy on PPPs part.

    And by supporting PPP you will be pushing Pakistan into a deeper abyss….I cant even imagine another 5 years of Zardaris and Gilanis….. PPPLEEEASE!!!!

    Whats in a name… I can be Abdullah, Jamal or Kamal. What difference would that make to what I am saying.

    Kind regards…. and PEACE!

  10. hitman says:

    Grow up man,browse through IK’s entire life n then name one man who is man enough to match his stature…..! plz no haste;read before you write!
    IK is a man of rare ilk;strangers will hear his name long after all we’re gone and wonder who he was? How bravely he fought? How fiercely he resisted?”Rest of us are cankers on the body social and cankers are cut out.

    No hard feelings!

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