Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

I remember I bought my first mobile phone in 2005 and made first call to my cousin. Since then my cell phone has been more of an inseparable companion than a nuisance. Rarely though I receive calls and messages from persons I don’t like to talk, but pros of keeping a cell far outweigh its cons. One treasure that I adore is that I am always in touch with my family and friends. It has just made everybody I care about within reach. Besides its primary functions of making/receiving calls and texting, I like my phone for performing extra but necessary tasks such as;

a person on phone 24/7 :)
a person on phone 24/7 🙂

It’s a great replacement for a watch and wall clock (anywhere)

It works as an alarm clock and wakes me up in the morning

It helps me do simple mathematical calculations

It’s a great music companion

Yeah, where you are!!
Yeah, where you are!!

Categories of Phone Owners:

The I.G. This is a high-class category. The people of this category do not keep a phone lesser than a brand and fully loaded with all the latest apps, especially built-in feature which keeps updating where they exactly are. They keep connected 24/7 to the world at large. Twitter is the best thing they have hands at. And they change phone at least twice a year.

The Ironman: This category is no lesser in station to The I.G., but people in this category come with an attitude. They won’t reply text message and a call at once. They’d rather text you back after, say…. at least after half an hour; similarly they’d call you back and ask if you were calling them.

The Aashiq (Lover): The people in this category spend a lot of time on their phones. They keep themselves abreast of every new package that caters to their specific needs of both time and money. They talk so much over phone that sometimes even their respective network companies have to bear the cost of keeping such customers. They have only one complaint from every phone: battery.

The things common in above three categories are that they never run out of balance, they don’t text so often unless its very very necessary and that’s why they don’t do sms packages…and they don’t keep their thumb on ‘end call’ button to cut the call ASAP to avoid extra minute charges .

The Broke: This is the category which most of us belong to. We keep a cut-price phone that should serve two primary purposes; texting and calls. We shall never reload unless we have to make a call and hear those irritating words, “your balance is not sufficient to make this call, please recharge or press 1 for loan”. And since we really have to make that call, so we get loan. And to pay back that loan, we postpone recharging unless again we really have to make a very important call. Before subscribing to any text or call package, we do all the possible calculations to decide on the cheaper one.


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe

    1. Well, IG stands for Inspector General. Since this is a topnotch position in police department, therefore it signifies the upper class in society.

      Thankyou 🙂

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