Don’t ask, don’t tell

joke - funny picture - why complicate life - missing somebody, call - wanna meet up - invite, love someone, tell it

Pic Source

Life really seems easy if we follow what’s so simply stated in the picture above, but realistically life becomes more complicated when:

You call somebody, and they don’t pick up
You invite somebody, they refuse
You explain, they don’t believe
You ask, they don’t reply
You say you don’t like something, you become outcast                                    
You say you like something, again you become outcast
You ask for something, you don’t get it 
You say you love them, they say they don’t love you back

So don’t call, don’t ask, don’t explain, don’t say……life easy! 🙂

“yeahhh we all end up doing nothing in the end of any situation where we cant get anything in response, or anything good for us in response and this makes life easier 😛 however there are ppl who whine whine whine and whine, knowing that they cant do anything about it, not letting go the things, they just whine, that makes life hell difficult for them… :(” HC



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