5 Minutes

Yesterday, my friend was just about to leave his desk that his boss came over and asked if he was leaving office. When he said yes, the boss said, quite sarcastically, “five minutes earlier?” My friend gave him an affirmative embarrassing smile and moved on. He wondered what the hell of a difference these five minutes would have made had he stayed on his workstation. He may have read a paragraph of an official document, or he might have typed a few lines. Or just Nothing at all! The next question that hit his mind was if his boss would also appreciate him if he stayed five minutes longer or came to office 5 minutes earlier.

I don’t know. But, then again, if you are five minutes late for a plane that could have taken you to an important make-or-break-your-career conference, your future might just seem broken into pieces. Notwithstanding, you could also thank God for having been late for the same plane because exactly after its take-off the plane crashed and a number of people lost their lives. But you never know.


The phrase ‘5 minutes’ is one of the most frequently used lines in our society. Irrespective of the fact that performing an act will actually take over 10 minutes or 30 minutes (or even more) to finish, the person doing that act will always tell you ‘just five minutes’. The answer to every question asking for timeline is almost always ‘5 mintues.’

Hence, five minutes is either not even a moment or is a hell of a time. As one comedian puts it, “In five minutes, a male and a female can bring about a human being.” LoL


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