A flood that was…

Time: 1Am

Day: Saturday

Date: August 3, 2013

I was lying on the couch and rambling through my mobile phone. I heard a sound of siren coming off the loud speakers of the mosque in our neighbor. Such a sound always implies an important announcement. And there it went, “It has been learnt that a flood is rushing towards our residential area, so you should all take precautionary steps.” Surprise! Surprise!


I went out of home and saw a group of people talking to each other. I went over one of my neighbor and asked him what really was going on. He told me that news had it that a wave of flood was coming towards our homes. Nobody seemed to believe the news because never before such a thing had happened either in our area and surroundings or in Karachi city. Hardly 15 minutes had passed that I saw a gush of water speeding its way towards us. Making loud noises, we flashed towards our homes to make all-out efforts to save whatever we could. I took the generator and placed it upstairs, followed by TV. While I was lifting my personal computer up I felt something cold beneath my feet, what I saw was the flood water that had made its way inside my home, in fact in everyone’s homes. PC was the third and the last thing I could save. I was alone because my family had left for the village on Friday. I went over the rooftop and found everyone on their respective roofs looking at the flood going through the street below. In less than 15 minutes of its entry, the torrent was 3 feet above the ground. The next thing we were witnessing was the assembly of cars, jeeps and other vehicles flowing down with the water. Almost everyone was witnessing the natural mishap for the first time. We spent the later part of the night all awake, looking down over the water. The water had touched the level of around 5ft in few hours time.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

In the early morning (6AM) the water started to slip down, which was a sign of relief for all of us. The most important thing I had to do was to get to the almery where lay my books and my academic and professional credentials. Losing the credentials in original would have been troublesome. I went in there and started fiddling through the bottom of the almery. I grasped the documents’ folders and took them out. “Thank God, they are not totally destroyed.” I sighed. Those fully plastic-coated were fine while the naked ones were wet enough to be soaked up. Then I called my wife to ask if there was anything important that I needed to extract. She told me there were and I took them out too.


It was only hours after the sun had revealed itself that the rescue teams (army and non-government) came with boats and other stuff to evacuate the people safely out of their homes. The water kept gushing in with terrible sound which left everyone in trepidation. Everyone was awestruck. People just couldn’t take their eyes off the stuff inside their homes and the cars lying scattered around. Meanwhile activists from two charity organizations, Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation (Peoples Service Foundation) and Falahi Insaniyat Foundation (Human Welfare Foundation), arrived at the scene with bottles of water and some edibles. Since it was the month of Ramazan, the activists also brought the food for aftaar in the evening. The day ended with water level down to 2ft.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Ok. No more water. But all I could see was mud and mire both inside and outside. Everything was covered with mud. At first look I just wondered how I was going to clean that up. To cut the story short, as I just can’t write about it anymore, it took two and a half persons two and a half days to clean the jumble.

The episode wasn’t without experience off course.

Now there is no flood, no mud. But it’s gonna take some time to get things to where they were before August 3, 2013!

This post also became part of Weekly Writing Challenge

7 thoughts on “A flood that was…

  1. tragic to say the least. when i read your sms in the Sehri, i could not believe it. however, as the news channels started screaming about the incident, i realized that you are in bad. May The Force be with you to recover fast.

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