30 Day Challenge to Wakeup at 5AM

January 8, 2018 was the Day 1 of my #30DayChallenge to #WakeUpAt5AM; and is the order of the day, I announced it on #Facebook. The only reason of posting it on FB was to receive friends pressure to continue the challenge, ‘coz I must admit that had I not put it on FB, I more likely had failed in the challenge.

As soon as my friends saw the post, a number of comments and questions came flowing in. The Top 3 questions were:

Why on earth?

Have you gone crazy?

Is it a Blue Whale Challenge?

The answer to the last two questions was a smiley 😀 – which definitely means No, Nah, Not at all!

So, Why?

The decision to take the challenge was neither extempore, like one morning I woke up early and decided to continue doing so, nor a well-early-planned. I grew up in a small village so I have been early riser for a long time. In fact, I had been waking up at 0630 every day before the challenge. The number uno reason was the #change in my daily wakeup routine followed by the fascination of the very idea of waking up at 5.

And what did I do?

0500: The alarm rang, I put it off (No. No Snooze at all) and by the time I rub my eyes, dragged myself out of bed and drank a glass of water 15 minutes were already past. I’d check my mobile phone for 5 minutes, then go for jogging and do a little exercise for 30 minutes. Then I’d relax for 10 minutes and do some meditation (prayer) and read a book for the next 20-25 minutes. And afterward, I’d awaken my wife and my kids to start preparing for the breakfast and school respectively…ensued by myself getting ready for the work.

What did I achieve?

The most important lesson I learnt from successful completion of the challenge was that we can do everything with strong determination and willpower. Once we challenge ourselves to perform any task and we take the first step, then nothing can stop us. All the excuses, fears, procrastinations get washed away with our resolve.


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