Long live the kids…

The kid
The kid

It was a mid-term result day of my three kids, a few months back. I went to their school to collect the result cards. I had a little conversation with the kids’ teachers about their performance and the results, and then I left the school. No sooner did I arrive home that I got a call from the school asking me to go back to the school as the Headmistress wanted to talk to me. I wondered what could possibly be the issue. I suspected my son Moazzan might have done something as I already had been called upon to hear a complaint against him. Anyways, I went and met the Headmistress. She said she had received complaint against Moazzan. “Here we go, as expected.”, I said to myself. She told me that Moazzan had brought a condom into the class (my eyes rolled); he gave it to his friend and told him that it was a balloon. The kid took it home and his parents found out what he was carrying. When asked where he got it from, he told them that his friend at school had given it to him. The parents came to the school and lodged the complaint. The headmistress then advised me to keep our personal belongings away from kids’ reach, and we should know what things the kids were bringing to school.

All the way during her talk I tried to control my laughter, but at the same time felt embarrassed when she said to keep personal things away from children. However, I apologized and told her how Moazzan really got his hands on ‘the’ balloon.

Here is how he got ‘em:

It so happened that we had returned from a visit to our village only a few days back. Our village is very small, say with a fewer than 70 homes and all the villagers are related to each other in one way or the other. Literacy rate is 50% for men and 5% for women, the primary business of men is agriculture, while all women are housewives. There are small shops which sell groceries for everyday use and confectionery items for kids. At such shops, the cheapest rubbers in town are sold to the kids as balloons. The people in the village are familiar with the purpose of the raincoats though, but they are least concerned about these being sold as balloons to the kids. My son also bought a few johnnys and brought them with him here to Karachi. I didn’t know that till the time I was told by the headmistress.

 And then I told my kid to never play with those balloons again.  🙂

Life’s good.

[Faith, Love, Family, Friends and taking care of oneself are the ingredients of a happy life.] Anonymous

Life is on the move. It goes on with all the good things and bad things happening around from time to time. A few good things have happened quite lately.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

November 29, 2011: Afaque Ahmed passed the Civil Services Examination of Pakistan successfully in his first attempt (a candidate has three attempts in total). That is really brilliant of him as out of 9063 candidates only 882 could pass the first phase of the selection process. It is his dream come true. He had been looking forward to this achievement since he started thinking 🙂 . The inspiration might have came from the social environment, but the credit goes to his father who provided him all the resources and kept pushing him through all the years to do the dew. He has been brilliant throughout his academic career, bagging almost all top positions. I wish him best of adventures in times to come.

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” J.F. Kennedy

Two friends of mine became fathers of their first respective children.

November 18, 2011: Muhammad Ali was blessed with a son, Ali Shahbaz.

Ali Shahbaz

December 07, 2011: Raja Ansari was blessed with a daughter, Soonh.

Soonh - The Beauty

This is one of the greatest changes to have occurred in their lives. Now their lives will certainly have a turn, and they will think in a different way. They would start planning for the best possible future they could best possible give to their children. And most importantly they would now know what and how it feels like being a parent. God bless their kids. [Amen]

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Maria Robinson

Last but not the least, I moved my family from a hushed, calm serene small village to a much bigger city Karachi. It is one of the major decisions I have taken in my life. I had been living away from my family since October ’09, and visiting home only once or twice a month. Now the time seemed too ripe to continue to live all by myself, I needed my family but more than that my family needed me more. Life may not be the same, in fact it is never the same. But I gotta work harder perhaps to get going in metropolitan life as I’ve spent over 28 years of my life in countryside. Personally I don’t adore city life, but it has its own charm and chill to go with. 😉 Kids seem to be loving the new place, so do my wife and my mother. Mom is at more ease as her sister is living just round the corner whom mom would only teletalk before.

I thank Almighty for everything, everything.