Path to Peace

Kalyan Yaman-II

(Path to peace)


Thou art the friend; the healer thou;

For every pain the remedy–

Cure for my heart, thy voice alone

the only cure it is for me……

The reason why I call for thee

is none can cure my heart but thou.


Thou art the friend, the Healer thou

for every ailment balm dost send;

Merciful God–all drugs are vain;

the pains by drugs will never end;

Unless ordered by thee O friend,

no drug will ever sickness cure.


Thou art the friend, the Healer thou;

for sufferings thou the remedy;

Thou divest; curtest disease, dost guide,

master thou art eternally–

Yet, I am wonderstruck to see

that you physicians still provide.


Strike friend– thy hand raise, favour me–

hold not your hand, and should I die

By such death I shall honored be

which through this wound is caused.


Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai

The Mercy of God

Narrated `Umar bin Al−Khattab:

Some Sabi (i.e. war prisoners, children and woman only) were brought before the Prophet. A woman amongst them was milking her breasts to feed. And whenever she found a child amongst the captives, she took it over her chest and nursed it (she had lost her child but later she found him).

The Prophet said to us, “Do you think that this lady can throw her son in the fire?” We replied, “No, if she has the power not to throw it (in the fire).”

The Prophet then said, “Allah is more merciful to His slaves than this lady to her son.”

Sahih Al-Bukhari

Volume 8, Book 73, Hadith #28)