Those moments that make Unconditional love incredible,,,


1. The moment when you watch the person going somewhere, or holding a cup of tea, and you stop to admire the way their body moves.

2. The moment when you’re literally having all the things not go in your favour, then you have one look at them,,, and then all becomes so well.

3. The moment when you want to hide simple things (smoking, using bad words etc) from them in fear that they would think badly about you.

4. The moment when the person just passes you by and you smell that pleasant scent and admire the heavens.

5. The moment when they suddenly call you up for something, you hear them talk but can’t figure out how to respond.

6. The moment when you can’t fall asleep because you’re thinking about them, then you want to sleep and then you don’t want to sleep.

7. The moment when life is getting really hectic and your schedules feel completely insane, but there is not an iota of change in your feelings about them.

8. And the moment you admire God everytime you see them.

Path to Peace

Kalyan Yaman-II

(Path to peace)


Thou art the friend; the healer thou;

For every pain the remedy–

Cure for my heart, thy voice alone

the only cure it is for me……

The reason why I call for thee

is none can cure my heart but thou.


Thou art the friend, the Healer thou

for every ailment balm dost send;

Merciful God–all drugs are vain;

the pains by drugs will never end;

Unless ordered by thee O friend,

no drug will ever sickness cure.


Thou art the friend, the Healer thou;

for sufferings thou the remedy;

Thou divest; curtest disease, dost guide,

master thou art eternally–

Yet, I am wonderstruck to see

that you physicians still provide.


Strike friend– thy hand raise, favour me–

hold not your hand, and should I die

By such death I shall honored be

which through this wound is caused.


Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai

Absolute Love

The birth of the first child is always a revolutionary event in a parent’s life. I became father of a boy at the age of 21, one and a half year after marriage. My son became the purpose of everything I treasured. The intensity of love and affection towards him kept multi-multiplying with each passing moment. His smile became the most sought after thing in the whole universe, and his uttering ‘Baba’ (papa) for the first time will always be ingrained on my mind (In fact this is the first word I always wanted to hear from each child of mine). I started taking little notice of my own goals whatsoever in life, and my whole of concentration settled upon Azaan. It was like I had been given a new life to thank Almighty once again for such a beautiful blessing in addition to all the blessings bestowed upon me before.

Azaan...4 months old

Now I have 4 kids, and the birth of each one brought about a new life and a renewed faith in me. Their existence have made me realize that God loves His creation the same way as we do, that just as we so passionately want our kids to grow and become successful human beings, God also wants us to prosper. He wishes a peaceful and a happy life for us the same way we want for our kids. I feel the same love for all of my children. They make mistakes, cross the lines, break promises and even disobey, but the moment they say they are sorry, I forgive them out of unconditional love that God has instilled in my heart. Though they are just kids, even grown up adults also cross the lines and parents even disown them for the time being, but they never leave them on their own and do whatever they can to bring the kids back on right track. The relationship between The Creator and the Creation is that of a Parent and a Child. God created us and provided for us everything, told us the right way and the wrong way and ensured us of His infinite love and mercy whenever we seek them. Admittedly a mother’s love is stronger than a father’s for their kid, and then I begin to wonder about the intensity of the seventy times of that love.