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John Green, The Fault in Our Stars
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

This is a fun challenge that I was nominated for by Mehak Khan, an undergraduate at the University of Southern California studying neuroscience and classics. She is big at sketching as well. She blogs at https://thequantumthought.wordpress.com

The Rules I Follow (You can modify them to suit your schedule): 

* Post one quote a day for three days (I posted 3 in one day because the challenge was long overdue and I have been busy)

* Thank the blogger who nominated you

* Anyone else who is interested in participating! Let me know if you’re taking this nomination so I can see what quotes you hold important
Thank you Mehak 🙂

50 Quotes of 2013

Some random thoughts put as status on my Facebook during the year 2013. 

1. One of the hardest things in our society is to get a 500 change.

2. Smartphone screens keep telling us how dirtier our hands are.

3. Oxygen is combination of two atoms chemically bonded to each other, and is necessary for breathing. If we add 3rd atom it will become Ozone layer which saves us from extreme heat of the Sun. However, if we add 4th atom called “tea” (a.k.a Chai or Chaanh) a Teaxygen is born which forms the basis, the reason, the foundations of our existence.

4. From what I have read and heard, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did not abuse a single woman, in any way, in his entire life. Then how can we, the followers of such a Great Personality, endorse and allow the abuse of women in any way anywhere? [ International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women ]

5. It’s a calm weekend out there.

6. If you don’t watch TV, you are uninformed. But if you watch TV, you are misinformed.

7. Very very very very difficult very very difficult to change oneself.

8. God bless everyone who has ever served me a cup of tea. . .ever!

9. We are all drunk.

10. Assumptions, sometimes, keep you in a better state of mind.

11. Life is a wonderful mystery.

12. “Tea”. The most soothing word.

13. Love is a perfect drug.

14. That moment when you forget what day it is and look at the calendar.

15. Summerheat: Season 2013: Episode 9

16. Dear Users, Please stop pretending here that you have the BEST job in the world and that you are the HAPPIEST worker in the whole universe and that NO ONE ELSE has as better a job as you have. Regards, #Facebook

17. Your life is result of your reactions…keep calm n have tea. 😛

18. Some voices are just echoes.

19. Truth, my dear, truth.

20. There is always a Tea at the end of the day.

21. Everyone is in hurry, especially while getting out of the mosques.

22. Thinking that facebook statuses will make any socio-politico-religious difference. How cute! 🙂

23. Thank God there is nothing that won’t let me sleep, except my kids. 🙂

24. All I need is ataraxis and coffee.

25. Orange and Black are the colors of the Day

26. There are only Two Seasons in Pakistan. 1. Winter 2. Mangoes. 😉

27. The more I read the more I realize how little I knew.

28. Yaar I support government’s decision to increase tax on mobile use… moretalktime at lesser cost made people talk uselessly and endlessly. tsk tsk!

29. Men are same…and women are literally the same.

30. Dear Summer, Please. Regards, People

31. Coffee is a vitamin and tea is a calcium.

32. A thousand things happen in a single day.

33. Life’d have been li’l less wonderful without music.

34. It’s only a cup of tea that keeps our hopes and faith in life afloat.

35. Think twice before trusting a person, specifically a politician, who uses religion to win your favors.

36. May God lead us on the Left path. Amen!

37. One of the reasons for our underdevelopment is that we take the road most travelled by.

38. In fact, the most amazing, wonderful and beautiful thing at ANY moment is…a cup of tea!

39. Faith. Hope. Life.

40. Seriously, PTV-only era was much much better than today’s sick-media era!

41. Science always brings a person of faith nearer to God.

42. My Dear Children, Unless you change yourselves, I’m going to remain the same. Regards, Motherland Pakistan

43. Dear User, If you ever feel angry, DON’T put the status just to get comments ‘what happened’, ‘everything all right?’, ‘Are you ok?’ etc. Get the fuck out in real world and vomit the shit out at real people. Sincerely, #Facebook

44. In winter we live…otherwise we merely exist.

45. This whole world needs a vacation.

46. Do what makes you happy…even if it irritates others.

47. Dear World, How about a nice cup of love n peace?

48. Let people talk and you will know the length of their hypocrisy.

49. 23rd March 1931: Bhagat Singh gave his life along with his comrades for Freedom from British Rule. 23rd March 1940: Resolution passed for a separate Muslim State. 23rd March 2013: People of India & Pakistan still fighting for Justice, Quality Education, Equality, Security and Freedom from Corruption.

50. Tea is a lovely drug.