Wanderlust is a word that perfectly defines the state I’m currently in. I have been cherishing the dream of travelling as many destinations as I can. I can remember this desire of mine was awaken by a high school teacher Mr. Mehtab Junejo. Though he never had gone abroad, however he shared the stories of hang-outs with friends during his years at the University. He was one of those rare teachers who knew how to keep the kids captivated, he told us the stories from world history as well as of his adventures and misadventures. Sometimes he was apprehended by Indian guards for having trespassed the border mistakenly, and sometimes by the Chinese border authorities. He travelled from the hot deserts of Thar to the green pastures of Naaran & Kaghan. I loved the idea of roaming around different parts of the country.

Then, I grew up but, quite unfortunately, couldn’t go to a university for some reasons. I believe university education not only would have given me opportunity for a wider perspective of the world around me but also of the world at large. Anyways, this just didn’t stop me from having a good time in life. The first ever trip I undertook with friends was a week-long one in January 2001. We started from our hometown Larkana across different towns to Karachi City. Then, while still a 2nd year Undergrad, I got married in February 2001. Life changed and for almost full 8 years I couldn’t go nowhere. By that time I had three kids :-). Then in the summer of 2009 karma smiled on me and I was among the lucky 58 candidates to join State Bank of Pakistan. The best of the best thing to follow was our 24-week-training at National Institute of Banking & Finance (NIBAF) Islamabad. Islamabad had been the city I really dreamt to visit. Sir Mehtab had mentioned it a hundred times and told us that it was the only well-planned city of Pakistan.

The journey started on September 25, 2009 and ended on February 2, 2010. These were the best of the times of my life. Now it’s been more than two years and I haven’t really been to anywhere outside Karachi. However, I have a plan to go to a place where I’ve never been before by the end of 2012.