A year that was…

Yet another year ended leaving behind a mix of pleasant and not-so-pleasant moments. As I sat down over a cup of tea with friends this evening (the very last evening of the year 2012), we told each other how wonderful the year had been for each of us, specifying some major happenings that took place in our respective lives. On my way back home I also mulled over the year gone by and came to realize that, besides all the major and important occurrences, everyday was a blessing in itself and to have lived the days responsibly well was no less than a feat and a blessing from the Lord Almighty.

A day at sea
A day at sea

Rising in the morning well, waving the kids off to school, having a refreshing breakfast, receiving “good morning” SMSs, heading to the workplace while enjoying all the things on way, performing duties as well as possible, meeting with friends, coming back home, playing with kids, having a chat with mom and wife over dinner, watching some tv/film, reading a book, e-socializing and finally saying long kiss goodnight with a prayer of thanks and a hope to wake up next morning are just as better achievements during the whole year as are those for which we work harder and harder.

Then there were of course weekends and holidays that I enjoyed with family or friends. While one is living in a bigger city, visiting smaller village is always a refreshing treat. There I get to see relatives and school friends, and all the natural landscapes which are very heartening.

One resolution that I made and couldn’t attain was reading 12 books, of which I hoped would read 8 at least, but could only finish two. Now I shall have to read remaining ten this year and then go for more, which is again very very less less likely likely… 🙂

However, the year ended so well with a surprise visit to Islamabad and Azad Jamu & Kashmir, my next post most probably be about that visit.

Tomorrow morning will be no different from all previous ones except only the year on cell phones, computers and calendars. I look forward to the same great year as 2012. Apart from what I would work towards achieving, there will of course be a number of pleasant surprises as well.


Beach it is…

The trip to the beachside was long due, especially for my kids who have been pushing me almost everyday to take them to the sea. It happened to be the first day of the New Year 2012, and the plan had been decided well ahead of the day by us friends. The morning was cool and the day turned out to be quite sunny. We had to leave at 7 in the morning, have breakfast at Teen Talwar (Three Swords) and then set off for the beach. But it started a li’l late. We left at 8:30 am, had breakfast and reached the already-reserved hut at Tushan, Karachi at 10:30. In no time did we come out of cars that the kids flashed off to the sea. Everything went fine except the coffee maker which didn’t work because of low voltage. We all enjoyed every piece of the sand. 🙂